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1. All applicant must be age 1-99 years old , on the date that applied the application.
2. The policy will not be cover any person who currently suffers from Covid-19 (Coronavirus Infection), any person who suspected of infected and have not yet cured that existed before the effective date.
3. The applicant can purchase an insurance policy with the maximum sum insured of 200,000 baht / person including all Coverage Plan With coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) through the South East Life Insurance.
4. The company will not cover in the event that the insured travels to the country, special administrative area, or a city that the Ministry of Health has declared a risk area for contracting the covid-19 virus within 1 month before the policy effective date. If found that there is a statement in the application form, the Company will not accept insurance, including travel plans to the country. Or special administrative area Or a city that the Ministry of Public Health has declared a risk area of COVID-19 virus infection in the next 3 months from the date the insurance policy became effective. List of countries that the Ministry of Public Health has declared as a risk area for COVID-19 infection and other countries that the Ministry
5. The department reserves the right to consider the current insured person, or a person who have traveled history to a high risk the province including Samut Sakhon, or other provinces where the Ministry of Public Health and the Office of the Coronavirus Disease Management Center 2019, the Ministry of the Interior (Prof. BHT.) Has announced an additional lockdown COVID-19 area.
6. The plan will not cover any inflection during 14 days period from the day of application, and any conditions which accrue as a result of the 14 days period.
7. Applicant must live in thailand longer than 6 months.
8. Lump sum will be pay upon first diagnosed after the effective date of the policy. )